I am originally from the Midwest,
       Wrestling and track were the early shavings of my career.
Placing 1st  in the North East Amateur Bodybuilding contest was the beginning, and yet none of this prepared me for the science of health and fitness today.
      In the 20 years since, I've  discovered that cookie cutter workouts don't work, One Dimensional DVDs can cause serious injury, and Hype is usually just that...Hype.
       An adequate exercise regimen is ANYTHING that gets you off that couch and gets that heart elevated until our friend plateau comes along and stalls those efforts.
      The best exercise regimen gets your mind and body in harmony,  targets your postural and 
metabolic system, and  functional to real world movements.


          My clients consist of Models, Actors, Olympic Athletes, and everyday people with real fitness goals.

I am VERSATILE and capable.
          Don't think you can afford a trainer?
With over 58 Billion dollars lost  wages  in 2011(NASI)  due to Obesity and preventable injuries  lets agree to disagree.
           With a little  motivation; from  a gentle  nudge to   a swift kick in the ass  it's PERSONAL and tailored to your goals.

    Goodbye  to noisy overcrowded distracting gyms,
   The home equipment gathering dust,
   and say farewell


Certified & INSURED

N.A.S.M./ A.A.H.F.P./A.C.S.M./I.F.A./ RED CROSS